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TAN EXPO, design becomes space.

The opulence of gold, the precious reflections of Pompeian-red and the relaxing and luxury atmosphere as in The Thousand and One Nights tales. An ideal setting for handicraft articles with an elegant and refined design, created by a company that has always focused on research and exclusivity of its own products.

The Pilla stand, presented for the first time at the Tan Expo fair of Modena in 2006, is the result of a careful and scrupulous research focused on company requirements: it combines the visibility requirements of the exhibited products with a simple and elegant style.

Open, accessible, comfortable, vaguely reminescent of a drawing room: the Pilla stand, before being a place conceived for exhibiting and selling a product, is a place to live in, where visitors feel at their ease and like to stop.

With a surface of approximately two hundred square meters, formed of symmetrical areas regulated by vertical and horizontal elements surrounded by a curtain of transparent walls, the Pilla stand invites the visitor to come in, walk along the small internal halls, stop at its exhibition areas. The most important part of all the stand is the centre. This place is dedicated to public relations: a central part where an office, a meeting room, a big bar and a small projection room are located. It seems to say that first of all the main objective is to favour the human relation with customers, the meeting, the communication, the acquaintance. In one word: the service. In short, an exhibition area that does not want to yell but suggest, does not want to impose but captivate without limiting itself to a cold line of products, in order to inspire thoughts, feelings, getting acquainted with the company and its way of working.