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Pilla finishing. Unique since 1935

Four coats of varnish to protect and make all the Pilla-branded articles shiny.

 This high-protection process is called “Pilla Finishing” and achieves two aims in one: it preserves the total inalterability of the products over time and also guarantees the utmost brightness and definition of the reliefs of the represented shapes and figures.

A technique introduced by Pilla in 1935 and still universally recognised today as the best possible quality: such a high quality as to make the products finished with this process as precious as jewels.

This standard is difficult to equal for any other competing firm: during the seventy years passed from when this particular finishing was invented, Pilla still remains the only company that has been able to guarantee the certified quality.

From a technical viewpoint, the “Pilla Finishing” requires a very sophisticated application that the company has recently renewed through a system consisting of different air-compensation cabins, high-temperature ovens, dustproof floors, insulating walls and deionisation and air-conditioning systems. Characterised by a coat of brushable bronzing paint in order to highlight the reliefs of the figures, followed by three coats of transparent protective paint, the “Finishing” guarantees colour fastness: colours remain natural and shiny over the years. This result is obtained by not using traditional red colouring that corrodes and weakens the paint, with the advantage of keeping the natural colour of bronze unaltered.