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Now there's Fotolux, the frame that illuminates photoceramics!

fotolux m'illumino d'immenso

fotolux espositore

Tanexpo 2008 has passed and has become a memorable edition for the cemeterial division. Even this year, the company Pilla, presented a radically, innovative product that later became the main protagonist of the fair in Bologna.

We are referring to Fotolux, a “revolutionary” lighting system for photoceramics, that can utterly enhance a memorial and remembrance. Fotolux is composed of an electrical circuit with 12 LED’s of very long duration, undoubtedly consuming less than that of a votive light. The surmounting frame, available in various designs and finishing touches, has been designed to disguise the emission from the lighting points that transmit a suffused illumination.

Two years of research, planning and development within Pilla’s analysis laboratory and marketing office were needed to obtain a product resistant to water, changes in temperature and weather. Moreover, should the need arise, it is possible to replace the photoceramic or the lighting system in a practical, quick way without having to dismantle the marble slab.

Fotolux does not intend to replace the traditional votive flame that has always been present in our cemeteries. And there is no need to highlight the frame: it is Pilla patented (patent nr TV2007A000105 - 08.06.07) designed solely to enhance the image of the beloved deceased, in the tomb or burial niche, even during daytime, in shaded areas or in full exposure to the sun.

For any further information, kindly contact Pilla’s customer service on +39.0445890200 or by e-mail to info@pilla.com.

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