pilla oltre la forma Pilla beyond the Shape
oltre la forma

Pilla beyond the Shape

Creating objects as precious as jewels. This is the choice that Pilla made in 1935 when it approached the funeral art market. More than seventy years of work have not belied this initial inclination. Overall harmony, formal beauty, balance of lines: these are the characteristics of the Pilla products, marked by a special and unique design whose specific “style” has become very popular on the market over the years.

This style is the result of a thirty-year collaboration between the company and Ivo Sedazzari, the creative artist also known for his important activity in the goldsmith's world, and especially the hand that signs the prestigious design of most of the articles of Pilla.

A successful association that has never stopped proposing the most innovative and original collections to the market over the years: from the most classical lines, Jolly and Trilogy, characterised by a clean and essential design, to the more sophisticated Bouquet and Edera, up to the latest line: Gemma. A stylistic creativity that the company has decided to widen further, accompanying the design of Ivo Sedazzari with the abilities of Adriano Fanton, a sculptor who can pride himself on a unique experience in the field of porcelain working, enriching the Pilla collections with articles having a technical and aesthetic manufacture unrealisable up to a few years ago.