pilla oltre la forma pilla or villa?
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Pilla or Villa?

Quality is the right recipe in order to effectively contrast forgeries. This is how Pilla - traditional supporter of exclusivity and made in Italy, replies to those who want to barter the uniqueness of a product having a unique design with imitations that are a faint reflection of the originals. This is why the Pilla brand, without yielding to compromises that are sometimes requested by market dynamics, has been investing in research and development of its own products for more than twenty five years, aiming at such a high quality standard as to be considered a model by the competition. Starting from 1981, with the first “combined” system, a practical and functional assembly system of the different cemetery components, till the beginning of the Nineties with the launch of the Marmital decoration and the introduction of Master, an alternative to the known “Roman” type, the company has always distinguished itself by its innovative capacity and high quality. A creative spur that lasts until now, considering the success of the two new inventions branded Pilla that have revolutionised the funeral market over the last years: the utilisation of lost-wax precision casting - an old technique very well known in the goldsmith's world - which guarantees the brightness of the metal and the best definition of each relief and detail, and the famous “Pilla Finishing”, a high-protection painting system that allows the products to have a unique brightness and an exceptional resistance to weather agents.

An offer of product accompanied also by a special attention to the professional figure of the field operator, through a series of services that Pilla has placed at its own customers' disposal according to a specific philosophy: improve their work quality by supporting their professional requirements. For this reason, the company devised the software programs Script and P-Soft starting from the nineties: two multi-media projects that required years of development and that currently represent a daily support to all those who have chosen them.