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Behind the scenes of the Enterprise

A modern manufacturing factory in which the material is manipulated through latest generation processes and exclusive technical solutions, the result of more than seventy years of entrepreneurial tradition. In the background, the view of the pre-alps of Vicenza.

We are located at Carré, in the province of Vicenza, headquarters of Pilla. A modern industrial complex  that houses a precious joint commitment every day: a work that involves nearly one hundred people who enthusiastically dedicate themselves to model the material, converting it into real works of art and design.

From foundry to finishing, from the die workshop to pressure die-casting, the Pilla factory comprises a world of know-how, skill and technical expertise capable of expressing itself in a highly advanced and dynamic production process.

A result mainly due to the decision of the company to invest in the acquisition of cutting-edge machines and technologies, such as the recent high-protection painting plant able to guarantee the Pilla products another big step forward: the fourth coat of varnish.

An inclination for progress that does not limit itself to technology, as shown by the on-going investments made in order to further improve each corporate sector: business attentiveness, customer service, administrative services in general.

Investing in the future is a specific inclination of Pilla: the result of this choice is an enterprise capable of supporting continuous production rates, often anticipating the requirements and challenges that the funeral art market will have to face tomorrow.

For Pilla future is today.