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P.SOFT the software conceived
for your customers

All the Pilla world within the reach of a “click”. P.Soft directly transfers professionalism and quality of the Pilla products on the screen of your computer. Realised in more than two years of analyses and research, the new software P.Soft will allow you to design personalised projects on niches, tombs and engraving, and create estimates according to what you conceive.

A revolutionary multi-media tool, designed for improving negotiations with the public by helping the customers to immediately and completely understand your projects through accurate photographic rendering realised and printed in a few seconds.

A powerful and innovative “engine” designed to become a simple and immediate support for your every day professional life: once P.Soft is installed on the computer, it places at your disposal a complete library of graphic solutions ready to be personalised according to your requirements, from the choice of the different materials to the layout and types to be used. A multi-media revolution destined to establish a new professional standard on the funeral art market: the possibility for each operator to create its own personalised catalogue.

You imagine, P.Soft implements.