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Pilla Finishing

The quality of the “Pilla Product” is characterised by the Pilla Finishing, recognised as the best quality on the market since 1935. This high-protection process achieves two aims in one: it preserves the total inalterability of the products over time and also guarantees the utmost brightness and definition of the reliefs of the represented shapes and figures.

The Pilla Finishing is characterised by SIX passes in the high-protection painting plant, with FOUR coats of paint that imply four different moments in which the product stops and is prepared for the following phase.

These four coats consist of a brushable bronzing paint that highlights the reliefs of the figures, and THREE high-temperature coats of transparent protective paint.

Red colouring is not used in the Pilla Finishing to guarantee corrosion-proof and colour fastness, avoiding in this way additives able to weaken paint resistance. Each product completed with the Pilla Finishing has a typical colouring: the typical yellow shade of classical quality bronze that allows to easily appreciate the very high quality standard of the product.

The alloy used for founding has a 65% copper content.

CU 65,580 – SN 0,475 – PB 1,305 – FE 0,455 – NI 0,426{AL 0,343 – MN 0,026 – ZN 30,434 – SI 0,888 – SB 0,012.

Internal and external laboratory examinations, saline mist analysis and ultraviolet scanning allow us to constantly monitor the quality level of our production.

1. Use EXCLUSIVELY non-acetic silicone.
2. HANDLE WITH CARE: painted metal products are delicate. Any impact with other stiff surfaces may damage the protective layer reducing resistance to corrosion.

1. Clean with a SOFT DAMP CLOTH: rough surfaces may damage the finishing of the product and increase oxidation.
2. DO NOT USE generic chemical products. We suggest using the Pilla polishing and protective spray, or, if necessary, a product fit for protecting cars: we use the same lacquers used by the most prestigious car manufacturers.