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SPIDER Mortuary chapel simple, elegant, portable

Spider Mortuary chapel
Spider Mortuary chapel

Simple, elegant, portable. In one word: Pilla's user-friendly Spider. If preparing the mortuary chapel was a complicated and tiring operation in the past, with Spider the preparation can be completed in a few minutes, even in areas particularly difficult to reach.

Practical and light (it weighs less than 19 kg), Pilla's Spider is a complete solution ready to meet all requirements thanks to its rich accessory endowment: two vases, two lamps, a Cross, a holy water stoup, an offering holder, one condolence book or photograph holder and two crystal flames. All this is made in stainless steel and drawn aluminium, and placed in a precious suitcase that an undertaker may carry always with him.

A useful, refined and beautiful solution, designed for Pilla by the creative artist Ivo Sedazzari with the purpose of encompassing functionality, style and refinement in a single object. The operation of Spider, based on the positioning of the supporting structures in different points of the coffin, is designed to guarantee an assembly of the utmost simplicity that may be completed in a few minutes also by a less-experienced person.

Realised in the Pilla manufacturing factories in Carrè, Spider required a testing period of the different prototypes that lasted more than a year, anticipated by a long research phase developed in collaboration with the undertaker Antonio Bossi.


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