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Pilla, a seventy-year adventure

Melting metal, manipulating the material and converting it into objects having elegant and original shapes. The Pilla company has been carrying out this work for more than seventy years, handing on the secrets of an ancient art that takes root in the age-long Italian artisan tradition. As in the old medieval workshops where master melters, ceramists and printers distinguished themselves by technical skill and manual dexterity, in the Pilla workshops the material is converted with a traditional care and skill, through production processes capable of joining together modern technological solutions and the experience of a long artisan tradition.

This tradition began in 1935 with Guido Pilla who started the activity as photoceramist and later opened a brass foundry in Milan. After the Second World War, during which the activity was interrupted, the workshop reopened at Vicenza devoting itself initially to photoceramics accompanied later by a foundry based at Thiene, a few kilometres away from the city. In 1969, the workshop becomes an enterprise, increasing its production and opening the die workshop at Carrè, entrusted to the care of Roberto, son of the founder and currently Chairman and director of the company. Over the following years, the activity further expands gradually combining all the production facilities of Pilla into the factory of Carrè.

Today, the leadership of the company, which includes an organisation chart of more than one hundred collaborators, is still entrusted to the Pilla family, through the direct commitment of Roberto Pilla and his son Manuel, who represent together the future of the enterprise and the important connection with their story.