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oltre la forma

Welcome to our house. You knock and we run to open the door.

You get to know something by having a proof of it. For this reason, Pilla opens the doors of its factory of Carrè, a few kilometres away from Vicenza, and invites all the customers and whoever interested in visiting its industrial complex, to give a closer look to how the Pilla-branded products are created and realised.

We will be glad to accompany you in an appropriately studied tour so that you can discover the "secrets" of the Pilla world and of all the people experiencing it every day, from the foundry to the die workshop, passing through the departments dedicated to lost-wax precision casting and to the latest generation plants dedicated to painting.

Booking the guided tour is quick and simple.
Contact the sales department: call +39.0445.890200 or e-mail info@pilla.com by indicating the day on which you would like to take the factory tour.

You knock and we run to open the door. Guests are sacred to Pilla.